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Magic Carpet Ride

 TURKEY Hot Air Balloons over Goreme, Turkey “If you have never been burned in the sun, you won’t know the value of shadow.” Turkish Proverb Istanbul is steeped in history and culture, overflowing with people from all walks of life. A lot of people were surprised and concerned when we…

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Fresh ideas for today’s businesses

Creativity, Innovation & Design Creative Design, Branding and Innovation in Digital and Traditional Media. We offer a full design service from concept through research, project management and implementation, enompassing traditional advertising methods, brand building as well as corporate identity, signage, web and social media elements. Each client is unique… It’s…

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When you walk in the forest…

You remember what its like to imagine dragons and fairies…                                                    

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I’m not sure if my love affair is with photography or with life but it seems that for me, the two are inextricably linked.

There are so many things to inspire us every day, from the early morning sunrise to the sight of the full moon against an inky black sky…

The velvety petals on a tiny flower, the joyful abandon of happy dogs on the beach or the serenity of a quiet lake or forest.

The freedom of a bird soaring in the sky or a small bee collecting nectar from a colourful flower.

Sometimes the majesty and power of nature can be captured in the mighty ocean waves or in a rock formation high in the mountains.

For me, capturing an image is preserving a moment in time and encapsulating the memory for eternity.

‘It’s a way of living in the moment that allows you to relive the moment…’

Zebra Pajamas by Tracey Pharoah
Zebra Pajamas