Art as a metaphor for life

The Pharoah GalleryWhenever I visit a home, the first thing I notice are the artworks displayed on the walls, it says a lot about the person who lives in that home.

Building your own art collection is a rewarding and distinctly personal experience.


It is a journey of discovery – a lesson in expression that talks to the viewer on an individual level… It is an evolutionary process and as the collection grows, one is able to see a distinctive progression in taste and style.

When buying for investment, the golden rule is always to buy what you like and not what you think ‘might’ be worth something later on…

This is especially true of the ‘business’ of art in today’s world. These days there is a lot of emphasis on corporate and social responsibility and many art development programmes have sprung up helping a chosen few to climb the ladder of success relatively quickly. Sadly though, there are a multitude of talented artists who are not noticed by corporations or individuals with the ‘right’ connections and are largely ignored by an art community that is fraught with nepotism.

Displaying your artworks – the ‘art’ of living

Homes are places to be lived in, not museums to good taste…

So its important that your artworks form a part of the home, there is nothing more devastating for an artist than to hear the wordsI’d like to buy an artwork that matches the fabric in my curtains” – art should not ‘match’ a colour scheme to be thrown out at the next season when a new trend arrives.

Art is a celebration of self expression, of colour, light, texture and individuality…

Many people are hesitant to start collecting art. After all, when you imagine an art collector, you’re more likely to think of a Forbes 100 Power Player building a high-priced trophy collection or a corporate foundation with buckets of money and ample wall space to display their prized collection. But the truth is, you don’t have to be a millionaire to collect great art, many of my husband, Peter Pharoah’s achievements are thanks to the collectors who were willing to take a chance on him more than a decade ago, when he was first establishing himself as an artist.

If you care about the artistic process and begin by collecting works by emerging artists and those who have chosen to remain independent rather than get caught up in an artificial world that stifles their creativity and imposes their will on the artist, you will find amazing pieces that will live on the walls with you… painting memories of your life as the years go by.

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