Words by Tracey Pharoah

I love words. I love their power to inspire us. I love how they give us a sense of the moment, make us feel the moment, live in the moment.

How they can make us :
Happy. Sad. Angry. Breathless.
Make us Laugh. Chuckle. Giggle.

Words like Collywobbles which is how you FEEL when you fall in love or Canoodle which is what you DO when you’re in love. And Cuckold, which is what you are when your partner leaves you for another…

Words like Snollygoster, Nincompoop and Klutz or even words like Goombah or Gobemouche or Mugwump.

Then there are the ‘SERIOUS’ words:
Words that make you cry at the injustice of life :
Poverty. Apartheid. Abuse. Discrimination.

Words that are used as weapons : Fat. Slut. Whore. Loser. Failure.

Words that make your heart ache, make you feel alone or enraged.
Make you want to lash out.
Cut. Stab. Kill.

Words are Omnipotent.

Like how you feel when the phone rings in the middle of the night and you hear your brother has been killed in a car crash.

Rage. Anguish. Denial. Desolation. Despair.

Or how words STOP TIME when you hear the word ‘cancer’ and its a doctor telling you its over…

Blank. Nothing. Emptiness. Fear. Dead.

But words never abandon us, because even in the darkest of times, they are still there to offer us :

Hope. Peace. Serenity. Salvation. A Miracle? Absolution? Heaven? Nirvana? Awakening?

Words allow us to EXPERIENCE the highest highs and the lowest lows. They allow us to share our lives with others in a way that opens hearts and minds. Our lives are enriched by words everyday. How though, has life changed? How much more noise is there in the world?
Status Updates. Tweets. Comments. Posts. Blogs.

Can anyone hear us?
Is anyone Listening?

Its more difficult to be heard. Difficult to focus. Difficult to filter out the noise and to actually prioritise and make sense of all the messages that bombard us.

Is life being diluted by too many words?
Is the true meaning of our words being lost in the Here and Now of social media?

Sometimes we find comfort by retreating to a quiet space with a good book, a place where words live quietly. Waiting. Offering us an escape. An opportunity to experience a grand adventure. Catch a Killer. Slay a dragon or fall in love. So many opportunities to BE inspired. Reconnect with our soul. Ignite our passion, our imagination and creativity.

Sometimes we can step outside and explore the physical world around us, the hustle and bustle of a busy city street or the quiet solitude of a secret path alongside a tinkling stream, a place for our soul to breathe.

Words will always be there, quietly absorbing the abundance of our world.

Sometimes we don’t need to go anywhere. We can simply pick up a pen and an empty notebook and begin to write, the old fashioned way. Feel the pen move across the page, feel the thoughts flow in a joyful rhythm as the ink renders our words indelibly on the page.

Words have and always will be a part of humanity. As we evolve and share ideas through unique and interesting ways, its important to remember to make time to free your soul. Make time to find new opportunities to express your unique perspective of life, here and now with those around you.

No one else can tell your story –

only YOU.