How to survive social media

Life... Take the next exit
Life… Take the next exit

“I have become so overwhelmed and lost in the social media landscape that the only way I’d know a cat from a caper is when one ends up in my mouth.”

I love humanity. I love ideas. I love sharing opinions and thoughts with others. I love words and pictures and I love to dream about writing or taking an amazing photograph and having it shared with a global audience who marvel at my skills!

As a person with a life outside of the screen – away from the mobile phone, away from email and text messages, Twitter and Facebook – I have a family, I have a business… in fact I have two. So how do we stay on top of technology? Is it even that important that we do? How do we stay ‘connected’ when we really should be spending time away from the screen.

I think I may have come to discover that the answer is really, really simple. Maybe its just too simple? Why don’t you try it…

Stand up, step away and breathe…

Breathe in the beauty of the world around you.

Breathe in the joy of your loved one’s laughter.

Breathe in the golden hues of a sunset.

The feeling of sand between your toes on the beach.

The richness of a morning sunrise.

Feel the familiar crunch of leaves underfoot as you explore the woodlands and forests or even the thrill of an invigorating walk in the rain.

Step away from the screen and live IN the moment, live EVERY moment and in the quiet times in-between, pop by, log into your social media account and revisit your old ‘friends’ on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. You’ll probably find that they’re still there… along with Aunt Acid, cats of every shape or form, the conspiracy theorists, the scandalised and the scandalous — all the familiar favourites.

Make time for living before its all over and the latest social media update says RIP ((insert name here)) — a legend!

In Memoriam

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